Real Madrid 2012 Wallpaper

on Sunday, October 7, 2012

Real Madrid is one of the most popular team of Soccer or Football from the Madrid, Spain. It was established as Madrid Football Club on March 6, 1902 and known for the oldest football club which has been created more than century ago. Actually, it has won record series of UEFA Championship Trophy or Euro Cup 9 times. Christiano Rolando is the hero and star of this soccer club. Other most popular players are Brazilian Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Iker Casillas. See below some targeted photographs of Real Madrid and its players in 2012:

Christiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Wallpapers
It is the picture of Christiano Ronaldo really so beautiful and amazing.

 Wallpapers Christiano Ronaldo
Above the image is showing meets the ronaldo after victory or any victorious action in red shirt. Can be called as back shot of Christiano Ronaldo.
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Real Madrid Wallpapers
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